Singapore FinTech Festival 2017

Once again, Singapore FinTech Festival 2017 will crown the winners of the Global Hackcelerator on the 16 of November. Twenty of the most innovative start-ups has spent twelve weeks to develop and scale market-ready FinTech solutions and they’re now ready to pitch.


Find out more about two of FinLab’s Finalists in Global FinTech Hackcelerator


PayKey has designed a Mobile Banking Keyboard – a social banking solution for banks to provide customers with the ability to use financial services from within any mobile application. Targeted at millennials who spend a bulk of their time online mobile and messaging platforms, Mobile Banking Keyboard is a cross-platform banking button on a smartphone’s keyboard, offering daily financial services such as peer-to-peer payments and money transfers. Initiating financial services can be done without halting social media activity or conversations online!

Key features

  •   With PayKey everyday banking is simple, frictionless and quick
  •   Boosts bank’s brand engagement while enhancing banking experience for users
  •   Secured instantaneous banking services from any mobile application
  •   Complete financial services from within any mobile application without opening bank’s app
  •   One banking button supports all!

Introducing The FinLab’s finalist in The FinTech Awards 2017


Attores powers digitalised certificates issued directly on the blockchain, keeping a transparent record of all certificates that is easily validated. Blockchain technology enables the trustless validation of the certificates, proving authenticity and provenance.

Key features

  •   Ability to issue digital certificates
  •   Social sharing of certificates
  •   Eliminates fraudulently issued certificates
  •   Quick and efficient verification and authentication of certificates
  •   Certificates are available anytime, anywhere.

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Meet The Team

Meet the Team