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What is #AImazingGivesBack?

The FinLab, a local innovation accelerator, parters with AImazing, a local tech company, to give back by helping local businesses (F&B and Retailers) to recover from Covid-19 through an Online and Offline (O2O) Marketing Loyalty.

AImazing provides solutions that empower offline F&B and retail merchants with the capability to enhance and accelerate the growth of their businesses.

AImazing’s solution brings customers from Facebook to your physical store, and provides a way for you to reconnect with your customers after the transaction.

We are trusted by many F&B and retail SMEs:

Our Merchants have seen a 50% Growth In Revenue






Bringing new customers to your store


With our Facebook promotions, your online presence will be built. More people will take notice of your promotions and its call-to-action will be to have them redeem the voucher at your physical store.







Encouraging your customers to come back

AImazing is one of the few companies in Singapore that gives you access to your customer profiles and spending habits, allowing you to create customised promotions for specific target audiences to encourage repeated purchases. We will also help you maintain a healthy customer relationship with our personalised Facebook Messenger bots.





Merchants first, us second


realises that F&B and Retail companies need the most help during this Covid-19 period. So #AImazingGivesBack is purely focused on improving your sales. AImazing puts itself as second priority during this campaign.

AImazing’s Testimonials

Accelerating AImazing


The FinLab is proud to play a key role in accelerating the growth of AImazing:
from startup to scale-up. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the journey
of AImazing, and why speaking Chinese is a part of their story!