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Opportunities Unusual: Leading Exceptionally Through This Crisis Situation

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By Peter Ong, Managing Partner, Rested Edge Advisory
Rested Edge Advisory

Change Management and Leadership coach, Peter Ong, shares about the Opportunities Unusual Series and how it can help SME business leaders lead during a pandemic.



In early April this year, as the global covid-19 cases hover around 1.5M, my company Rested Edge Advisory made a joint decision with The FinLab to record and make available “totally free and on-demand” a 9-part “Opportunities Unusual” video series which will help business-leaders, owner-operators and their leaders & managers… navigate and lead more effectively & successfully.

When Episode 1 of “Opportunities Unusual” was recorded, global COVID-19 cases have climbed to 3M, and today as I write this article, it is hovering at 5.4M cases.

This global pandemic will not end quickly; and there will be lots of uncertainty, difficulties, and challenges ahead.

Unless you’re from a company in the highly digitized era (many such companies are truly going gangbusters right now), or in one of the few industries thriving at present like biomedical, deep cleaning or food delivery, one is likely to experience much pain, stress and anxiety.

In trying times like these, it is our privilege & small contribution to help business-leaders and owner-operators with strategies and actions that they can consider to help their companies stabilize & survive, transform & thrive. 


Why name this series “Opportunities Unusual”?

Times like this are significant “moments that matter” to a leader’s career and his/her company’s success. In difficult times like this, all the more, we must lead exceptionally & outstandingly – leading, teaming, strategizing and executing the very best we can. We must keep our Dream, and we must strengthen our Drive. 


If you journey with us through this 9-part “Opportunities Unusual” video series (Episodes 1-9 progressively released from 13 May to 6 August 2020), you will be able to learn and apply:

Opportunities Unusual

4 “First Things First” Stabilize & Survive Skillsets

  • Episode 2 – Stabilize Yourself, Your Team & Your Company
  • Episode 3 – Sense-Make Your Company’s Situation Accurately & Confidently
  • Episode 4 – Keep Energy, Engagement & Effectiveness Levels High
  • Episode 5 – Lead Credibly & Confidently in the “Blended” World


4 “Let’s Not Waste This Crisis” Transform & Thrive Skillsets

  • Episode 6 – Accelerate Your Next-in-Line Leaders
  • Episode 7 – Evolve & Transform Your Business Model
  • Episode 8 – Learn, Apply & Master Change Management
  • Episode 9 – Digitize Smartly and Successfully


Each episode will be 10-15 minutes long and will share immediately applicable perspectives which you and your company can adapt & adopt to stabilize and transform.

I will do my best to entertain you with stories and will share my hitherto-accumulated learnings, teachings, insights and perspectives in easy to understand and apply format… such that you can expediently and effectively translate these possible strategies and actions to your fellow leaders, teams and companies.

If you have any questions regarding the series or about change management and managing your business during these uncertain and difficult times, do join my monthly Live Q&A sessions. The first of these sessions is happening on 11th June, 11.30am-12.30pm.

Let’s thrive and transform through this very difficult crisis together.


A Quick Introduction to Opportunities Unusual Episode 1

Opportunities Unusual Episode 1 


In Episode 1, I had shared that companies that want their very best years ahead (not behind them) must always consider a dual strategy. Remember the dual strategy as a metaphor of the “hamburger”? If the top bun is “Stabilise”, the bottom bun is “Transform”; if the top bun is “Performance”, the bottom bun is “Growth”; and if the top bun is “Manage”, the bottom bun is “Lead”. Find out more by watching it here.


Let’s lead exceptionally and get through this crisis together. We want our companies to have long successful journeys ahead – always improving, always relevant, always progressing.


Like the old adage says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Let’s thrive and transform together!


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