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Mentoring Leaders Series: Opportunities Unusual by Peter Ong

In the first of this series, Peter will describe the changes which the next normal will encompass; and suggests roles which leaders must play and actions that they can take to navigate this hard wake-up call successfully.


30 May 2020

TheFinLab Upcoming Session :Unboxing Tech Series: Content Creation

TheFinLab :Unboxing Tech Series: Content Creation

Offeo :Unboxing Tech Series: Content Creation

Content.co :Unboxing Tech Series: Content Creation

Introduction to Webinar :Unboxing Tech Series: Content Creation

27 May 2020

Opportunities Unusual Ep 2: First Things First –Stabilise Yourself, Your Team & Your Company


Opportunities Unusual Ep1: Change is Already Here. How to Navigate & Lead It Successfully?


10 May 2020

Introduction to webinar : The FinLab Webinars: Ready Solutions To Start Selling Online Quickly

There’s a pressing need for all businesses to continue operations and engagements with customers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The FinLab is organising a series of webinars for companies, like yourself, to quickly move your business online and build a strong digital presence. In the first of these curated webinars, we are inviting […]