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Events > The FinLab’s Lab Crawl: Sustainability for SMEs

The FinLab’s Lab Crawl: Sustainability for SMEs

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As part of Singapore Fintech Festival 2021, The FinLab’s annual Lab Crawl is happening on the 11th and 12th November, with the theme ‘Forging Businesses Ahead’. Our Lab showcase comprises two areas: 1) scaling businesses through tech at the ASEAN Tech Summit, and 2) building sustainable businesses and strengthening connectivity with the ecosystem at the Sustainability for SMEs.


Sustainability for SMEs
Hear from fellow SME business leaders who have taken steps to go green and their journey thus far. Connect with sustainability and green tech solutions from SP Digital, and find out how UOB can assist with financing your sustainability initiatives.

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Date and Time
12/11/2021 11:30 am — 12/11/2021 12:30 pm

Bridge+ and Virtual