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SME Leadership Academy Webinar Series

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As F&B businesses face unique challenges caused by COVID-19, SME Leadership Academy webinars will cover insights, tips and category-led recommendations to help you navigate this period for your employees and customers.

In collaboration with Google and the Economic Development Board (EDB) and with the support of SkillsFuture SG and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), we have revised the curriculum to customise it for business leaders of SMEs from the Food and Beverage sector.

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7 July, 11am-12pm

F&B Insights In the Final Phases of CB; New Normal Dining in Singapore?
Understand the key APAC & Singapore consumer trends in light of COVID-19 & what they mean for F&B businesses.

9 July, 11am-12pm

Macro and Markets Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak?
Understand the macro effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the outlook for key economies, interest rates and currencies, as well as the implications of the recession in Singapore for local businesses

14 July, 11am-12pm

Getting Your Business Online with Google My Business?
Learn about Google My Business, a tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. Step by step instructions on set up & the free tools you can leverage to drive your F&B business’s online presence, for free.

16 July, 11am-12pm

Maximize the Potential of Google My Business for Organic Local Reach?
Deep dive into Google My Business, a tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. Step by step instructions on setting up features, maximizing the free tools, to ultimately drive success for your F&B business.

21 July, 11am-12pm

Discover, Order, and Pay Seamlessly with Google Pay?
Learn about the new free Google Pay offering that aids the discovery of eateries, connects restaurants with users, and rewards loyal customers.

23 July, 11am-12pm

Tools for Business Productivity while Working From Home?
Learn about free digital tools to help you streamline your business, increase productivity & stay connected with your employees & customers during this time.

28 July, 11am-12pm

Connecting All Your Digital Systems with Google Cloud?
Learn about how you can leverage Google Cloud Platform to go digital – have a digital presence, gain customer insights through data, predictions to AI and more.

30 July, 11am-12pm

Managing Through Ambiguity?
Get guidance from Google’s People Ops team on how to manage through ambiguity & build great teams.


4 August, 11am-12pm

Relief Measures and Adapting to a New Normal?
Learn about UOB’s Covid-19 support measures. Find out how you can manage your business processes remotely and tap into the support network of The FinLab to go digital.


Date and Time
04/08/2020 11:00 am — 04/08/2020 12:00 pm

GMT +8