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Events > Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022 – “EXECUTE (Part 3)”: ESG and SGI Solutions

Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022 – “EXECUTE (Part 3)”: ESG and SGI Solutions

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The FinLab’s Sustainability Innovation Programme (SIP) is a 5-week programme to help SMEs to transform their companies into sustainable businesses. It provides deep insights across a variety of Sustainability topics such as energy efficiency, clean energy, electric vehicle and food sustainability. SMEs will be introduced to various Greentech solutions that can kickstart their journey to a greener future.

Our third session in the “Execute” pillar in our SIP features solutions introduced to us through our government agency partners. Find out more about the benefits of these solutions focusing on energy efficiency, and what kind of government subsidies and grants are available for these solutions.



You can look forward to learning about:

  • Discovering more about the features and benefits from our solutions focusing on energy efficiency
  • Getting connected and matched with our solution partners
  • Understanding how you can take advantage of the subsidies and grants given by government agencies to support the use of these green solutions



– 10.00-10.20: Sharing and tech showcase by Resync

– 10.20-10.40: Sharing and tech showcase by BtrLyf

– 10.40-11.00: Sharing and tech showcase by Ampotech

– 11.00-11.15: Q&A

Date and Time
02/06/2022 10:00 am — 02/06/2022 11:30 am

Zoom Webinar
Emir Nurov
Co-founder & CEO
Nilesh Jadhav
Co-founder & CEO
William Temple