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Events > Sustainability Innovation Programme: “Discover” – Sustainability for Everyone Webinar

Sustainability Innovation Programme: “Discover” – Sustainability for Everyone Webinar

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The FinLab’s Sustainability Innovation Programme (SIP) is built for leaders looking to transform their companies into sustainable businesses. The SIP will help you gain deep insights across a variety of sustainability topics, assess your “green position”, and introduce tech solutions that can kickstart your journey into a greener future.

You can look forward to:

  • Learn about Sustainability
  • Evaluate your Sustainability Quotient
  • Access Sustainability Solutions and Partners
  • Foster Sustainable Goals


In Week 4 of our Sustainability Innovation Programme, we partner with UOB, Shiok Meats, and Paia Consulting to share their knowledge about specific sustainability areas, including the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, and food security and sustainability.


You can look forward to:

  • Learning about UOB’s U-Drive initiative, an integrated green financing solution for the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem
  • Understanding how you can invest into “green” funds and other investment products from UOB’s Wealth Management arm
  • Discovering other financial support and solutions that UOB can provide


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Date and Time
20/10/2021 10:00 am — 20/10/2021 11:00 am

Zoom Webinar
Ms. Wong Ju Li
Vice President, Automotive & MEC, Sector Solutions Group
United Overseas Bank
Mr. Shawn Yap
First Vice President, Wealth Management Advisory & Strategy
United Overseas Bank
Ms. Joanne Ang
Senior Client Acquisition Manager, Privilege Banking
United Overseas Bank