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Events > LIVE with The FinLab: Solutions to sell online quickly

LIVE with The FinLab: Solutions to sell online quickly

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Learn from our Sharing and Q&A Session about:


  • Which platform to consider for your online store

  • How to reach out to a ready pool of buyers quickly

  • What are the considerations when building your own online store

  • The secrets to maximise returns on SEO, Paid online Advertisement and Leads Management

  • Qoo10: Expediting your business’ move to an e-commerce platform

  • Shopmatic: Building your own e-commerce store

  • Jumper.ai: Selling to customers on social media and messaging chats

  • Skale: Capturing sales through different marketing channels

  • 42 Metrics: Amplifying your brand and products online


There’s a pressing need for all businesses to continue operations and engagements with customers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The FinLab is organising a series of webinars for companies, like yourself, to quickly move your business online and build a strong digital presence.

In the first of these curated webinars, we are inviting e-commerce experts from Qoo10, Shopmatic, Jumper.ai, 42 Metrics and Skale to share drag-and-drop solutions businesses can use immediately to sell online, and then how to tap on digital marketing to amplify your sales messages.


Watch Video-On-Demand Here

Date and Time
28/04/2020 12:00 am

Online Webinar
Mr Sam Too
General Manager
Qoo 10
Ms Uma Ranganathan
Merchant Lifecycle Manager
Ms Nyha Shree
Ms Yuet Whey Siah
Ms Freida Lee
42 Metrics






IIf we are not UOB finlab customer, can we still subscribe with skale?

Yes, you can still subscribe and use SKALE’s solution. You can proceed to create an account at: https://pushads.skale.today/

Understand that you have many presence in many countries but what are your outreach like particularly in Malaysia and Thailand besides Singapore?

Today, SKALE’s marketing tool is largely used by SMEs outside of Singapore, including Malaysia and Thailand. Regardless of city, you will be able to leverage on SKALE’s solution to easily select your target audience in each market (e.g. Fashion enthusiasts in Bangkok) and launch marketing campaigns on the most visited platforms globally such as Facebook and Instagram.

How you think Skale can help for a new beauty business startup?

For a new beauty startup, we would recommend focusing on building awareness and a customer database.

Based on the above, SKALE gives you an easy and cost-efficient way to start driving awareness and traffic to your website / physical store. SKALE automatically optimizes your ads, to drive reach, clicks and conversions at the lowest cost possible. In addition to that, you may also find it valuable to leverage on SKALE’s Voucher tool to create “early bird” or “welcome promotions” that incentivizes consumers to submit their details, and allow your brand to build a customer database.

Please feel free to create a SKALE Free Account at https://pushads.skale.today/ to start chatting with our team of SKALE Product Experts!


What about Malaysia customers? What about the prices?

A. We offer attractive subscription plan for our users in Malaysia : 

– MYR 270 for 3-month plan 

– MYR 450 for 6-month plan  

– MYR 720 for 12-month plan 

Customers can sign up on www.goshopmatic.com/my

For business owners interested in setting up a professional store very quickly we offer special support and Do-It-For-Me packages too. They can be accessed at – https://communitymy.myshopmatic.com/products?category=personal-advisors  

What are the budget that we are looking at for starting up our own ecomm site with shopmatic?

Budget-wise our users can adopt any of the following options to suit their business needs;

– Spend as low as S$1 per month and pay just 3% per transaction and be on the fully Do-It-Yourself model

– Avail subscription plans with prices as low as SGD 20/ month and get dedicated ecommerce consultant assistance 

– Go for a full suite concierge package to get a turnkey, ready to use store. This option is priced at SGD 3000 but can now be availed with a government grant that covers up to 80% of cost, which makes it an attractive option since the real cost to the customer is only SGD 600.


You mention that Qoo10 is expanding to other countries like Malaysia, Japan & Korea. Would you be able to share more of Qoo10 presence in Malaysia? What is the Qoo10’s business model like in Malaysia?

We do have physical offices for both Qoo10 and Qxpress there. Similar model as Qoo10 SG. You may refer to our website at https://www.Qoo10.my for more information. 

How do you support cross border transaction especially for goods that require authenticity measures such as pharmaceutical products?

All ecommerce platforms are still governed by local laws and each platform still has to abide with the prevailing laws of each country. For example, if a Singapore company wishes to sell their health products into US, it will need to seek approval from US FDA.

Likewise in Singapore, if there are products that contravene or contain banned undeclared ingredients, HSA (and other relevant agencies) do notify ecommerce platforms to delist and remove them. 

In the case of our international site like Qoo10.com (that caters to international shoppers), sellers do list their products for international sales. 

However, at the end of the day, the onus is on companies or sellers to seek the relevant approvals from government authorities.

With so many online sales platform available today, how do I know with whom and where should I list my products?

Firstly, let’s take stock of this simple equation: Sales = Traffic x Conversion Rate. 

In Singapore context being a small country and limited population, Traffic will be the key. 

Seek out platforms that has high daily traffic and active users. For your homework on this, you might like to seek out 3rd party sites like Alexa or Similarweb. 

Once you have a feel of the top traffic sites, say top 3-5 ecommerce sites, the next step will be to join all of them. Do not limit your success to just 1 of them. 

This is what we call the “Ring-fencing” strategy. Be it domestic or overseas sites, do consider this as a major part of your online journey. The best part is that most e-marketplaces have low or zero entry costs. Using the same digital assets (like products images), you can quickly “saturate” your products to online shoppers at almost at no costs.

What is the outreach for the platform at the moment?

With more than 3 million registered sellers and more than 500K daily active users in Singapore. The average cart size is about $45-$50. Being the oldest player in Singapore, Qoo10 SG has become a trusted household name today

Do I need a company to start selling? Is it possible to set up shop as an individual?

You can register as an Individual Seller and start selling too. As we have one of the first ecommerce platforms in Singapore to have integrated with Myinfo. You won’t even need to upload your NRIC today.

What is the storage charges after the COVID situation?

You can find out more information here: 


Or email [email protected]

Recently, there has been an upsurge of interests that led to abuses of our warehouse storage space. We are constantly doing reviews of our solutions provided. Do email Qxpress for the latest updates.

Is the setting up process easy? Even for a nice store front?

·         It will be unfair to say it will be easy for everyone as it will depends on how comfortable you are with using dashboards like ours and how “beautiful” you want it to be (not just nice images but even with special thematic pages and hyperlinks)

·         There are professional short courses that one can learn more:

o   SIRS is the only accredited school by Qoo10

o   Their courses are catered to be for busy executives and can be fully covered by Skills Future grants

o   https://www.sirsdigitalcommerce.com/for-qoo10-sellers.html

·         Overall, the basics you need:

o   Design Banners (width of 800px-980px)(height is not the limitations

o   Basic skills on using a HTML Editor (very much like using MS Word)

·         I will say having a nice storefront is one of the best investments for any online business

If i am a seller, how do i send my stuff logistically to the warehouse (send my whole stock or one by one) – COVID new measures

·         For more details about Qxpress’s QFS (Qxpress Fulfilment Services):

o   https://www.qoo10.sg/qfs

o   Email: [email protected]

·         There are on-boarding procedures for QFS

o   A stock manifest will be needed for approval first

o   Upon approval, stocks can be send to QFS warehouse (either by merchants directly or request Qxpress for pickup) for physical stocktaking and syncing of online inventories

·         Do email our Qxpress colleagues for the details and even how they conduct contactless deliveries procedures


If our products already in instagram, what shall we improve? will Jumper help on this

– Improving IG

  • Consider IG shop setup (through IG business account)

  • Link in bio

  • Proactive DM and engagement with customers

  • Click to Message ads

– Jumper support

  • Currently available via click to message ads

  • Currently, IG doesn’t officially offer API’s for direct messaging management by third-party solution providers. 


Do you cover every industry or more towards retail & F&B?

We cover B2B and B2C industries, across banking, finance, health & wellness, dentistry, accounting, software as a service tools as well.

How does one create content? and keep that fresh?

To create content, you need to look at the painpoints of your customers and provide solutions to their needs. 

We will start by looking at the brand value propositions vs the competition. A content strategy needs to be done before decided on the type of content to create. 

Keeping content fresh is easy, you need to mirror your brands personality and have a constant point of view over the market needs and the solution that you are providing to them.


In summary, always start with the reason why you started the business / product / service in the first place.