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CardUp enables businesses to shift domestic and international business payments currently made by cash, cheque or bank transfers onto your credit cards – even if recipients do not accept cards. This includes payments such as rent, salaries, supplier invoices and more.

By shifting all your large, recurring business payments onto your credit card, you conserve cash by making use of your available credit limit for an extra 2 months of interest-free payment terms! Your recipients get paid on time, while you defer the actual outflow of cash until your card bill is due, almost 2 months later.

CardUp also equips businesses with the tools they need to automate and digitise their entire payables and receivables processes, helping finance teams work remotely and save time – with team management and maker-checker features, businesses can thrive in the new norm of reduced face-time.








FinLab exclusive discount: Enjoy an exclusive offer of 50% off the CardUp fee on your first business payment. Select ‘CardUp’ on Question 6 to indicate your interest and our team will be in touch to share more details.*