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Synagie: Build customised e-commerce websites in 15 minutes

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Synagie is an ecommerce company that aims to simplify commerce and make easier for brands and businesses to sell online and offline by providing end-to-end commerce enablement solutions to businesses.


Powered by technology such as real-time big data analytics and artificial intelligence, Synagie utilizes a cloud platform which acts as an integrated “back office” for their users to manage and/or automate their commerce process by handling the entire value chain from multi-channel content, order, inventory management to warehousing and last mile delivery.


Through this, Synagie aims to provide a completely integrated solution that will give their users an edge over their competitors in the new economy.

• Sell on multi-channels & manage your business from one automated commerce platform
• Have your finger on the pulse of your business by monitoring all sales & orders from one central platform
• Track performance & grow your sales with real-time big data analytics
• Know your top customers, see what promotions work for them, understand buying trends & forecast when they will make their next purchase.

Synagia – Clement Leo (CEO):


E-Commerce & Insurtech Opportunities in South East Asia:

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Free for first 12 months (with a 24 months contract),

S$39 per month for next 12 months, unlimited orders

*Charges apply for fulfillment and value added services such as warehousing/storage, inbound, pick/pack, last mile delivery


List Once Sell Everywhere 

– Integrate and sell on all major online marketplaces or from your own webstore in minutes

Automated Inventory & Order Management 

– Manage inventory & orders from multiple sales channels by automatically processing orders and syncing inventory availability

Make Better Business Decisions 

Get comprehensive insights into your business & use Big Data Analytics to help optimise your purchasing, selling and grow sales

On-Demand Storage & Logistics^ 

Get optimised storage, logistics services when you need it and Pay-As-You-Use. No deposits or long term commitments