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It’s A(I)mazing How Far We’ve Come

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Given that we are just about to begin our GreenTech Accelerator programme, my thoughts cannot help but think back to the previous years when we ran our FinTech acceleration programmes. One of our FinLab alumni (those companies and startups who have come through our programmes) is AImazing, who joined our programme in 2017.
I remember when AImazing presented at our Showcase Day event (watch the highlights here). The founder, Jun Ting, shared that he could barely speak a word of English when he first came to Singapore. And now, he was pitching fluently in English. Obviously, learning a new language was only one thing that Jun Ting had to learn and adapt to, and AImazing’s product went through a few pivots during their growth. In fact, their initial product was focused on enabling contactless mobile payments using soundwave technology.

But today, with their retail data analytics platform, they have gone on to catch the attention of investors, customers, and partners – way more than their bright orange shirts ever did. They currently have ongoing projects with a number of large malls in Singapore and the Philippines, and have recently raised their Series A. Given the relatively young age of the founders, their journey to where they are today has been nothing short of amazing (pun fully intended).
This article written for our UOB Tech Ecosystem website shares more about the AImazing story, and more importantly, shares the lessons that AImazing have learned throughout their growth, which includes:
Tap the right connections (1)
One thing that jumps out is how AImazing leveraged on the right partners to scale into the region, amid the challenges of Southeast Asia’s fragmented market. We were glad that we were able to do our part to facilitate AImazing’s expansion into the region.
If you would like to find out more about how you can scale with The FinLab, do get in touch with us here!

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