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Changes In KL Since 2019

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Hooray! Work trips are back.

In the past week, the team made a trip down to meet partners in Kuala Lumpur that have been supporting our programme through the pandemic. We reconnected with partners like Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KLSCCCI), Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF) and Sealnet that have been supporting our Jom Transform Programme in Malaysia, and new partners like Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI). Through this trip, I’ve noticed 3 new things about Malaysia.

The team with KLSCCCI members at their office

One – The traffic jams are more intense and parking lots are harder to come by, especially in the city centre. Usually, when I commute for meetings around 3pm, the roads will be relatively clear but now, I was surprised that I got stuck in traffic for about 30mins even at an odd hour. I did notice though, that there were a lot more cars on the road than before the pandemic. So if you’re planning to go by, you might want to consider commuting by public transport.

Two – There are a lot more EV vehicles on the road and more friendly charging stations around the city. Also, I’m hearing more talk from the ground about supporting sustainable businesses and looking at green technologies like solar panels, etc. It seems the awareness of tapping into green energy is slowly building up and solutions like U-Solar would.

Three – A lot of new cafes have sprouted around the city and Petaling Jaya area, mostly run by young adults. It shows that businesses are still thriving, and there remains an opportunity to continually support businesses in taking up digital tools, to have them start as a digital businesses. This is what our Jom Transform Programme is about – enabling businesses to take up the right tools to manage their business. This edition specifically focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs and we have a panel discussion featuring Getha’s CEO, Melissa Tan, Love Bonito’s Director in Malaysia, Joan Yeoh, Playground Fitness’s Co-founder, Toh Yen Kee, and Dwi Emas International School’s founder, Anne Tham. You may sign-up for the session here.

That said, I still enjoyed my time in Kuala Lumpur. I spent one day during the weekends just going from 1 food location to another. I ate 6 meals that day.

Looking forward to the next work trip,


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Jom Transform Programme: Womenpreneurs Edition is curated to support entrepreneurs, specifically women, on their entrepreneurial and digitalisation journey within a like-minded community.

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Do You Have A Greentech Solution?

The Greentech Accelerator is a 3-month regional and global programme, organised by The FinLab, powered by UOB, to grow and transform innovative greentech solutions to meet the economic and environmental needs of businesses and to forge a sustainable future for all.

Open to greentech innovations in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Zero-Waste Supply Chain, Carbon Management and Reporting, with Tech Readiness Level (TRL) 6 and above, the accelerator will select 10 high impact greentech innovators to be part of its pioneer cohort, with a total funding of up to SGD 150,000 (~USD 108,500) to potentially deploy relevant and cutting edge solutions with SMEs and corporates.

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