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Pause now. Think about your purpose as you go about your 9 to 5 job

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Half a year has passed and it’s stocktaking time once again. As I paused to think about what I’ve achieved thus far, I was interrupted by a message that one of our mumpreneurs, Suzanna from Urban Origins, was featured in TODAY’s Gen Y speaks article titled “I quit a stable job I loved, because the pandemic made me rethink my purpose”. How timely. 

“I studied comms in NTU, became a primary school teacher then quit that role even though I liked it so much. Now, I’m bridging the Singapore community to sustainable local food options and this journey started when I had my son,” she told me. I first met Suzanna when she was part of our Digital Mumpreneurs Programme. It was there that I learnt she was not only a few years older than me, but also a business owner and mother of 2.

Suzanna and Urban Origins Team

At that point in time, she had not long ago set up Urban Origins, a ground-up initiative that connects communities with local urban food, and was on the lookout for any support for businesses available. This included setting up her banking needs and adopting solutions to alleviate some of her day to day tasks (if you’re looking for similar solutions, you may refer here too).

The thought about living in a dystopian world where the planet is unlivable may sound farfetched but news about the heat wave spreading across continents make it seems we are not far from that reality. It is Mother Earth’s way of communicating that she’s not well and that our actions thus far have consequences.

Well, to conclude, I’m still reflecting on my purpose. But through Suzanna’s sharing, I realised sometimes you need to experience a fair share (or a lot) of life first and some day, that epiphany may just hit you. Hopefully I find that purpose, just like Suzanna and the lead character from a movie I watched recently, “The Worst Person in the World”.

Grabbing popcorn to watch another movie, 


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