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Sustainability, be my Valentine?

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Yong De
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It has been almost 3 years since Covid-19 first hit us in 2020.

For us celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore, it is the 2nd year where we have not gathered for that once-a-year catch up and THE only time where we can receive red packets from uncles & aunties (which often comes together with our most dreaded question “Do you have a boyfriend?”).

On the flip side, with the decreased number of visits, fewer red packets are given and people are increasingly giving e-angbaos. Banks like UOB are also championing sustainability efforts through implementing red packet collection boxes at bank branches throughout the year to raise awareness for individuals to do their part for the environment. The bank has also been encouraging people to opt for digital transfers or deposits over the Chinese New Year season as part of the bank’s sustainability initiatives.

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day, consumers, too, can practice sustainability (individually or as a couple)!

Do you know, Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday after Christmas? These cards are often laminated in plastic, covered in glitter, or otherwise decorated in a way that makes them unable to be recycled. Add the other throwaway gifts, like balloons, stuffed animals, and decorations, Valentine’s Day can be quite difficult on the environment. But it doesn’t have to be!

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, whether that’s love for a partner, friend, family member, or even yourself. Here at The FinLab, we can be your partner to teach you a new skill. If you are a business owner, leave the matchmaking to us and let us connect you with the most ideal tech solution out there, using our Digital Needs Assessment (DNA).

Speaking of which, we have just kick-started some of our mummy-entrepreneurs to go digital during our Digital Mumpreneurs Programme. You can find more about the programme here.

For those looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, you can get a sustainable gift made from recycled materials.

Or for those who have a significant other with a sweet tooth, why not bake their favourite dessert or buy something from a locally owned bakery? And for those who prefer something intangible, plan some quality time with your loved ones or you could also write a poem for your valentine, make a video about all of your favorite memories together, and compile a list of all of their best qualities and/or all of the things you love about them.

However you choose to spend this Valentine’s, the circumstances of 2022 might be the perfect opportunity for unique experiences to create long-lasting memories. Support sustainability by focusing less on consumerism and more on celebrating love this season, and, if you’re going to shop this Valentine’s Day, seek out options from a small business and those with ethical practices.

LOL (lots of love),


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