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UOB’s The FinLab To Call For Greentech Solution Providers To Solve Business Challenges Of Tomorrow

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The FinLab is a keen supporter of sustainability and has launched The Greentech Accelerator to grow and nurture more greentech solutions for industry partnerships and adoption.

The concept of sustainability has been growing in importance for businesses. A business that is sustainable is one that functions in the best interest of the environment, promoting awareness amongst both the local and global partners with the practice of responsible production. According to the Paris Climate Accord, businesses can impact up to 60% of emission cuts by 2030, and now is the time for business owners to take part in the sustainable movement to promote a more liveable planet for all.

The Greentech Accelerator by UOB’s The FinLab is a 3-months global programme, focusing on solutions with a Technology Readiness Level of 6 and above (i.e. ready prototype demonstration) and in areas such as energy efficiency, zero-waste supply chain, carbon management and reporting. 10 selected greentechs will be nurtured to tackle actual sustainability challenges from corporates and SMEs for potential partnerships and pilots with total funding of up to USD108,500.

What Do You Need To Participate?

Greentechs should have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 and above, meaning a ready prototype demonstration. Companies would also be assessed for their scalability, traction, and readiness for deployment. 10 selected greentechs will join the programme from August to early November 2022.

How Will You Benefit From The Programme?

1) Connect with Businesses with Actual Challenge Statements;

2) Pilots and Commercially Deploy Solutions;

3) Learning and Development with Mentors and Domain Experts

Join us and embark on building a sustainable ecosystem for future generations and the planet. Applications close on Tuesday, 12 July 2022.

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What’s New on The FinLab Online

Transform Your Accounting and HR Functions

Accounting and human resource are crucial functions that can drive organisational growth. Every SME needs to leverage technology to streamline your daily transactions and use data to optimise business decision making. NTUC Learning Hub and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, together with UOB FinLab and NTUC uSME, bring you the Accounting & HR Automation Track in their SME Digital Reboot Programme. You will learn about cloud accounting and how to maximise the use of accounting and HR digital solutions to increase business productivity.

Up to 90% Funding Available!

Programme Fees (without funding): $2,675 (w/GST)

After SSG funding and claiming absentee payroll*: $158.50 (w/GST)

*Terms and Conditions apply.

We encourage your organisation to leverage on the available SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding and Absentee Payroll (AP) to embark on our carefully curated digitalisation tracks, in order to increase productivity by implementing automation.

Join us in the second week of the Jom Transform Programme: Womenpreneurs Edition, to learn more about the current business outlooks and trends in ASEAN to stay relevant! In this session, you will be able to garner more insights of the different front-end aspects in a business and connect with solution providers that your business could tap on to increase your sales and engagement with your customers. Look out for the sharing session from one of our successful womenpreneurs about her entrepreneurship and digitalisation journey too!

Speakers (Session 1)

  • Julia Goh, Senior Economist, UOB Malaysia
  • Jan Wong, CEO, OpenMinds Resources
  • Nursabiha Saifon, Senior Associate, Government Partnerships, SHOPLINE Malaysia

Speakers (Session 2)

  • Melissa Tan, CEO, Getha
  • Ashran Ghazi, CEO, Dattel Sdn Bhd
  • Justin Chan, Co- Founder, Innergia Labs
  • Yuet Whey Siah, CEO & Founder, Skale
  • Georgina Tia, Branch Manager, UOB USJ Taipan

Session 1

5th July 2022, Tuesday

10:00AM to 1:10PM (+8 GMT)

Session 2

7th July 2022, Thursday

10:00AM to 12:30pm (+8 GMT)

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