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What I learnt about Sustainability

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Daniel Arif
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As September comes to a close, this marks the end of my first month at The FinLab. Inthis one month, I have learnt so much about sustainability and learned about manycompanies who are on their sustainability journey or who wish to help others on theirsustainability journey. Most of this happened while helping out in our
Greentech Accelerator Programme.

Over the past few weeks, The FinLab has conducted a total of 3 Deep Dive sessions with the focus of Energy Efficiency, Carbon Management & Reporting and Zero Waste & Supply Chain.

During these sessions, it was interesting to learn about the unique approaches different companies take to reach various sustainable goals. From using nanomaterials to reduce thermal insulation (A fun fact I learnt from the deep dive sessions: Thermal insulation is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to reduce energy loss and CO2 emissions!) to studying energy usage to get a full understanding of how companies consume their energy.

To end off, here’s a quote from Phillip Man, Chief Experience Officer of Terrascope, one of the speakers in our Greentech Accelerator program: “When a company first starts on this journey, it can be overwhelming, as it is difficult to get all the necessary data, so that the company can understand every activity.” I think this perfectly describes the situation of many companies starting their sustainability journey.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our upcoming Greentech Accelerator’s Showcase Day (more details below), which will be held in conjunction with the Singapore Fintech Festival’s Labcrawl 2022.


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Not to be Missed!

The Greentech Accelerator's Showcase Day

Date: 31 October 2022, Monday
Time: 07:00PM to 09:00PM (SGT)
Venue: Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Garden Ballroom, Level 1

Looking for sustainable solutions and technologies for your business? Check out the exciting green innovations from the greentechs under The FinLab’s Greentech Accelerator Programme!

The Showcase Day is a culmination of the 3-months accelerator programme to celebrate the journey and achievements of the 12 regional greentechs who are in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Carbon Management and Reporting, and Zero-Waste Supply Chain. Through the programme, these 12 greentechs have undergone a series of mentorships, masterclasses and partnership discussions with industry partners and SMEs to green their business.

During the Showcase Day, you will be able to explore the innovations of the greentechs and engage with ecosystem and industry partners.

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