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Why We Should Care About The Oscars

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This is now my third year following the Oscars,

and I love the buzz around it.

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, is widely regarded as THE award you can receive in the film industry. During this period, casual movie watchers like my friends and even closeted film aficionados and critics come ‘alive’. Simply mention ‘movies’ and ‘Oscars’, and suddenly everyone seems to want to give their two-cents worth on the nominations or discuss the movies they’ve watched or not watched, why it is good and why it is not, which actor is hot or not, but most importantly if any particular film is worth your time.


What I always notice is that though these perspectives are subjective, they always become a topic that’ll draw people in (even the Marvel-only movie watchers – who will usually ask why xxx or yyy Marvel movie didn’t win best visual effects).

Through these conversations, you realise you have a mini-community of people who either have similar interests or simply want to connect and get involved in conversations.

To enable more people to come into the conversation, the panel of judges has also been including more films on common streaming platforms like Netflix.

This ‘democratises’ film and makes it seem like everyone can get into it. This goes beyond what the Oscars were initially conceived for – just giving out awards and celebrating the team effort and creativity behind each film – It has become a platform to connect.

That’s how I envision age-old institutions evolving in the digital age, just like how UOB conceived The FinLab, and The FinLab building The FinLab Online (P.S. You can find out more about what we do here) and how offices leasing space have become co-working spaces, like IWG (You can find out more below).

Who knows? There may be an internationally recognised award for Tiktok videos in the future since they can be considered short films too.

Will be glued to the TV on 28th Mar,


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