UOB’s FinLab Officially Launches in Vietnam

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UOB’s innovation accelerator The FinLab has officially launched in Vietnam where it aims to engage 5,000 local businesses over the next three years through its digitalisation and sustainability initiatives.

The UOB FinLab held its inaugural programme yesterday (13 June) in Ho Chi Minh City titled “Xin Chào SMEs: Grow Your Sales through E-commerce and Digital Marketing”.

It was designed to equip SMEs with the necessary knowledge and strategies to effectively adopt digital technologies to fuel sales growth and expand their customer base regionally.

To better support Vietnamese SMEs, UOB FinLab will also collaborate with university professors, industry practitioners, innovation experts and tech solution providers in its programmes.

The launch of UOB FinLab in Vietnam has garnered support and recognition from key industry leaders, specifically from the Vietnam E-commerce Association.

Victor Ngo, CEO of UOB Vietnam said, “By launching UOB FinLab in Vietnam, we aim to provide comprehensive support to these SMEs, equipping them with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Leveraging the bank’s extensive network and expertise, we are confident that we can help Vietnamese SMEs overcome these challenges and thrive in the digital economy.”

Victor Ngo - Uob’s Finlab Officially Launches In Vietnam

Shannon Lung, Head of UOB FinLab said, “Digital adoption can be daunting for SMEs. We are here to accompany them in their digitalisation journey by providing tailored solutions and necessary support, starting with our inaugural Xin Chào SMEs programme.

Vietnamese SMEs will be able to gain valuable insights and learn best practices to overcome challenges in adopting digital technologies. By empowering SMEs to embrace digital transformation,

Shannon Sip Picture - Uob’s Finlab Officially Launches In Vietnam

we can help them to drive growth, boost competitiveness and contribute to the overall development of Vietnam’s economy.”


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