The Greentech Accelerator

The Greentech Accelerator is a 3-month regional and global programme, organised by The FinLab, powered by UOB, to grow and transform innovative greentech solutions to meet the economic and environmental needs of businesses and to forge a sustainable future for all.

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Calling for high impact Greentech innovators to transform and deploy solutions with SMEs and corporates

Open to greentech innovations in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Zero-Waste Supply Chain, Carbon Management and Reporting, with Tech Readiness Level (TRL) 6 and above, the accelerator will select 12 high impact greentech innovators to be part of its pioneer cohort, with a total funding of up to SGD 150,000 (~USD 108,500) to potentially deploy relevant and cutting edge solutions with SMEs and corporates.

Focus Areas: Driving Sustainable Impact

Why join the Global Greentech Accelerator?

Connect with businesses with actual challenge statements

Leverage on our network of SMEs and corporates to tackle pain points and co-create solutions

Opportunity to pilot solutions

Work closely with SMEs and corporates for the opportunity to partner and pilot solutions

Total funding of up to SGD150,000*

For relevant, deployable and cutting edge solutions

Programme Structure

ESG & Business Masterclasses

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Designed with expertise from the bank and the industry, the masterclasses will cover topics like management, sustainability, commercialisation, and international market expansion

Partnerships & Mentorships

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Partnerships and mentorships are key pillars, tapping into our 14,000 network comprising of governments, corporates, SMEs, and tech providers for 1-1 meetings to expedite the development of innovative greentech solutions

Pilots & Test-Bedding

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Working closely with our demand drivers of corporates and SMEs to pilot and test-bed solutions to tackle actual sustainability-related challenges for businesses

Key dates

5 May 2022Applications Open
12 July 2022Applications Close
29 July 2022Announcement of Selected Greentechs
August – November 2022The Greentech Accelerator Programme
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Greentech Accelerator is a 3-months regional and global programme, organised by The FinLab, powered by UOB, in Singapore, to grow and transform innovative greentech solutions to meet the economic and environmental needs of businesses and to forge a sustainable future for all.

We are looking for global solutions that are scalable, with a Technology Readiness Level of 6 and above, and focusing on any of the following themes: (1) Energy Efficiency; (2) Zero-Waste Supply Chain; (3) Carbon Management and Reporting.

The programme will focus on working together with SMEs and corporates to pilot and commercially deploy solutions, access world-class mentors and experts, learning and development to grow your business.

The programme is equity-free and there is no payment needed to join the programme.

You need not be in Fintech to apply for The Greentech Accelerator.

We encourage all selected companies to commit at least one C-level representative or a key decision maker to attend the entire 3-months programme to get the maximum benefit from the programme.

The Greentech Accelerator 2022


Accacia (Process Botics) is a carbon reporting system to track Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions at asset, portfolio and entity levels AI-enabled carbon management platform for Real Estate sector including Scope 3 & embodied carbon measurement.


Upcyde transforms or upcycles agricultural waste by designing usable products by being able to control and manage the supply chain, both upstream to downstream, and processing the vast volume of agricultural waste.


T-RECs.ai offers a full suite of services to manage Renewable energy certificates for enterprises through providing comprehensive and cost-effective green solutions for companies’ Sustainability Journey.


TAVA supplies bioplastic products, cups/lids/straws made from cornstarch. TAVA’s products fill a gap in the market for sustainable packaging that is environmentally sustainable, cost-effective for businesses and does not require any change to users’ habits.


Resync owns Intelligent Energy Efficiency for Smart Buildings and Offices solution using in-house developed ML models that enable plug & play integration, real-time control, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Red Dot Analytics

Red Dot Analytics is an Industrial AI serving different industries such as the Data Centres, Buildings, Power Grids, Plants, and Logistics through helping data centre operators reduce energy cost by up to 40% without having to change its hardware.


Pantas provides a customised end-to-end solution to help companies calculate, manage and disclose their carbon emissions as well as access climate-themed investments and financing. The proprietary AI-enabled software assists companies in collecting and analysing data, setting relevant science-based targets and disclosing GHG emissions based on international standards.

KrossLinker Aerogel

KrossLinker Aerogels is a deep-tech advanced material company that designs and develops advanced energy-efficient material, ‘aerogel’ for thermal insulation applications. Their aerogels are used for thermal applications / cold-chains.


Jejak.in is a climate-Tech company with the sole objective to accelerate climate action by leveraging the power of technology – carbon calculator, trees and carbon monitoring, carbon exchange. While other platforms provide segmented solutions (i.e. carbon accounting software and a marketplace on its own), Jejakin provides a holistic solution for actionable insights.


HydroNeo is a smart farm management system that optimises aquaculture production by providing state of the art technology and tailor made solutions.

Co2 Connect

Co2 Connect is a Carbon Management and Reporting platform. Its unique value proposition is generating reports and offering insights on carbon footprint using existing data, without additional installation of devices.


Alterpacks uses organic waste to create biodegradable and compostable material to combat plastic packaging. Its unique value proposition is making eco-containers from food waste.