A community give back project for Singapore SMEs by The FinLab and OFFEO

We want to sponsor 100 SMEs in Singapore with an OFFEO subscription and an online workshop session on how to use it

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Together with the The Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Office of SME Promotion (OSMEP), The FinLab and UOB Thailand seeks to digitalise and transform SMEs in Bangkok and beyond.

The Finlab is an Innovation Accelerator by UOB to assist businesses on their digitalisation journey. Through the Finlab Online's proprietary business tools, webinars, curated events and contents, businesses will be supported on their business transformation journey.
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Date: 18 Sep 2020

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TH 01 Oct 2020

Smart Business Transformation Programme (SBTP) Workshop 2

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TH 01 Oct 2020

Smart Business Transformation Programme (SBTP) Workshop 2

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