Sustainability Innovation Programme

28 February 2023 - 7 April 2023

The FinLab’s Sustainability Innovation Programme (SIP) is a 2-week programme to help SMEs to transform their companies into sustainable and green businesses. It provides deep insights across a variety of sustainability topics such as energy efficiency, sustainable finance, renewable energy certificates (RECs), sustainable packaging, and carbon management and ESG reporting. Learn how sustainability can play a part in your business to balance impact while ensuring profit and productivity.

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Programme pillars


Learn key trends, solutions, and insights into what it takes to build a sustainable future


Understand your sustainability needs and opportunities for growth through sustainability


Start implementing the sustainable solutions, and plan for future growth leveraging clear sustainable actions


“Touch-and-feel” green initiatives through an in-person site visit at a sustainability experience centre

Programme Topics

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Energy Efficiency

Artboard 1 - Sustainability Innovation Programme

Sustainable Finance

Artboard 12 - Sustainability Innovation Programme

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

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Sustainable Packaging

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Carbon Management and Reporting

Programme Schedule

28 March – SIP Kick Off

10am to 12pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

29 March – SIP Session 2

10am to 12pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

30 March – SIP Session 3

3.30pm to 5.30pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

4 April – SIP Session 4

10am to 12pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

5 April – SIP Session 5

10am to 12pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

7 April – SIP Session 6

10am to 12pm 

Venue: CBD area (exact venue will be sent to confirmed participants)

*All dates and timings are subject to change


Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022: Week 1 – “Educate”

No better way to get your sustainability journey started than to better understand the basics of sustainability, and know where you stand with regards to key sustainability metrics! Join us next week for 2 and half-day session to deepen your understanding about sustainability fundamentals through sharing by Ngee Ann Poly, STACS, Enterprise Singapore, and UOB.

11 May 2022
10.00am – 12.00pm
Learning Sustainability 101Benjamin Soh
Co-founder and Managing Director, STACS

Dr Jason Tang
Director, Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation (EWTCOI), Ngee Ann Polytechnic
You can look forward to learning about:

  • What is sustainability and some key terminologies (e.g. concept of ESG, SDGs etc.)

  • Challenges faced by SMEs in going green – current landscape and trends

  • The role of trustable ESG data in decarbonisation

  • End-to-end solutions for ESG reporting and certification
  • 12 May 2022
    10.00am – 11.30am
    Learning Sustainability 101Samuel Tan
    Vice President, ESG Solutions, Section Solutions Group, Group Wholesale Banking, UOB

    Shawn Yap
    Vice President, Wealth Management Advisory and Strategy, Personal Financial Solutions, UOB

    Shaun Tan
    Programme Director, The FinLab
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Overview and introduction to UOB green solutions and sustainability financing for SMEs

  • Sustainability solutions for individuals from UOB (e.g. UOB green loans, RECs, UOB sustainability-linked funds)

  • Government grants for sustainability projects available to SMEs
  • Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022: Week 2 – “Evaluate”

    Join our Sustainability Business Model Canvas Workshop to learn how to use a tried-and-tested innovation framework, the BMC, to understand the gaps and opportunities in your business. The workshop helps you to clearly identify your specific sustainability problem statement, so that you can find the right green solutions.

    The sustainability assessment questionnaire developed by Global Initiatives helps companies start their sustainability journey using an assessment framework based on global standards like the UN SDGs. It provides a competitive positioning vis-a-vis peers, and it allows SMEs to develop a clear action plan for sustainability, based on the data collected.

    17 May 2022
    9.30am – 3.00pm
    Sustainability Business Model Canvas WorkshopFelix Tan
    Mentor-in-Residence, The FinLab
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Understanding sustainability needs through a business model canvas / lean canvas workshop

  • Structuring clear and specific problem statements so that relevant solutions can be found

  • Designing a roadmap and strategy to enable green efforts to be effective and sustainable

    Venue : 80RR FinTech Hub SG, 80 Robinson Road, #08-01 Singapore 068898
  • 19 May 2022
    2.00pm – 3.00pm
    Sustainability Assessment Tool with Global InitiativesPuneet Chaddha
    Promoter and Adviser to the Board, Global Initiatives
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Understanding more details about the sustainability assessment questionnaire developed by Global Initiatives

  • Developing an action plan based on the data collected through the tool, which improves competitiveness, facilitates access to Green Finance, and helps businesses with their ESG reporting

  • Getting started on completing the tool in the session
  • Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022: Week 3 – “Experience”

    Our first session in the “Execute” pillar in our SIP allows you to “Tech-Match” with solutions from SP Digital and E-Tech! Do join us as we showcase the benefits of these solutions offered by our partners, and find out how these innovative solutions can help your business increase productivity and save costs by being more energy efficient.

    23 May 2022
    2.00pm – 3.00pm
    Managing Rising Energy Costs with Greener and Smarter SolutionsSatinderpal Singh Sandhu
    Deputy Director, Business Development and Sales, SP Digital

    Mr. Sean Lee
    Assistant Director, Project Development, E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Finding out more about the sustainability solutions offered by SP Digital and their partner, E-Tech

  • Understanding how E-Tech’s SMART solutions can predict and prevent unseen problems with energy efficiency through Expert Energy management, proven Energy Saving technology and Remote Asset Visibility and Control
  • 25 May 2022
    2.00pm – 5.00pm
    Visit to SP Digital’s OfficeClement Cheong
    Vice President, Sales and Customer Operations, SP Digital

    Satinderpal Singh Sandhu
    Deputy Director, Business Development and Sales, SP Digital
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Seeing sustainability come to life at a sustainability experience space in SP Digital’s office

  • Experiencing the tech showcase by SP Digital on their suite of GET solutions

  • Networking with our partners and other businesses in the ecosystem
  • Sustainability Innovation Programme 2022: Week 4 – “Execute”

    Our second session in the “Execute” pillar in our SIP showcases UOB’s sustainability programmes, U-Solar and U-Energy. Join us as we feature the green solutions offered by the programmes, and discover how you can leverage the bank’s green financing to get support for your sustainability projects.

    Our third session in the “Execute” pillar in our SIP features solutions introduced to us through our government agency partners. Find out more about the benefits of these solutions focusing on energy efficiency, and what kind of government subsidies and grants are available for these solutions.

    1 June 2022
    10.00am – 11.00am
    UOB U-Solar and U-Energy SolutionsJasper Wong
    Head, Construction and Infrastructure, Section Solutions Group, UOB

    Teo Feng Ni
    Vice President, Section Solutions Group, UOB
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Understanding more details about UOB’s green solutions for SMEs, offered in their U-Solar and U-Energy programmes

  • Seeing the showcase of the benefits of the solutions and how it can help SMEs

  • Knowing how you can leverage the bank’s green financing to assist you in your green journey
  • 2 June 2022
    10.00am – 11.30am
    ESG and SGI SolutionsEmir Nurov
    Co-founder & CEO, Resync

    Nilesh Jadhav
    Co-founder & CEO, BtrLyf

    William Temple
    CEO, Ampotech
    You can look forward to learning about:

  • Discovering more about the features and benefits from our solutions focusing on energy efficiency

  • Getting connected and matched with our solution partners

  • Understanding how you can take advantage of the subsidies and grants given by government agencies to support the use of these green solutions
  • Sustainability Innovation Programme – SMEs features

    This video features previous and current programme participants Cheng Fong Enterprises, Container Printers Pte Ltd, Trust Cleanz Initiative, and Urban Origins.

    SIP video thumbnail - Sustainability Innovation Programme
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    Missed out on a session? We got you covered.

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    Accacia (Process Botics) is a carbon reporting system to track Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions at asset, portfolio and entity levels AI-enabled carbon management platform for Real Estate sector including Scope 3 & embodied carbon measurement.


    Upcyde transforms or upcycles agricultural waste by designing usable products by being able to control and manage the supply chain, both upstream to downstream, and processing the vast volume of agricultural waste.


    T-RECs.ai offers a full suite of services to manage Renewable energy certificates for enterprises through providing comprehensive and cost-effective green solutions for companies’ Sustainability Journey.


    TAVA supplies bioplastic products, cups/lids/straws made from cornstarch. TAVA’s products fill a gap in the market for sustainable packaging that is environmentally sustainable, cost-effective for businesses and does not require any change to users’ habits.


    Resync owns Intelligent Energy Efficiency for Smart Buildings and Offices solution using in-house developed ML models that enable plug & play integration, real-time control, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

    Red Dot Analytics

    Red Dot Analytics is an Industrial AI serving different industries such as the Data Centres, Buildings, Power Grids, Plants, and Logistics through helping data centre operators reduce energy cost by up to 40% without having to change its hardware.


    Pantas provides a customised end-to-end solution to help companies calculate, manage and disclose their carbon emissions as well as access climate-themed investments and financing. The proprietary AI-enabled software assists companies in collecting and analysing data, setting relevant science-based targets and disclosing GHG emissions based on international standards.

    KrossLinker Aerogel

    KrossLinker Aerogels is a deep-tech advanced material company that designs and develops advanced energy-efficient material, ‘aerogel’ for thermal insulation applications. Their aerogels are used for thermal applications / cold-chains.


    Jejak.in is a climate-Tech company with the sole objective to accelerate climate action by leveraging the power of technology – carbon calculator, trees and carbon monitoring, carbon exchange. While other platforms provide segmented solutions (i.e. carbon accounting software and a marketplace on its own), Jejakin provides a holistic solution for actionable insights.


    HydroNeo is a smart farm management system that optimises aquaculture production by providing state of the art technology and tailor made solutions.

    Co2 Connect

    Co2 Connect is a Carbon Management and Reporting platform. Its unique value proposition is generating reports and offering insights on carbon footprint using existing data, without additional installation of devices.


    Alterpacks uses organic waste to create biodegradable and compostable material to combat plastic packaging. Its unique value proposition is making eco-containers from food waste.