3 Essential Steps Before Embarking on Digital Marketing Campaign

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Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in today’s digital age. More than ever, consumers are making their purchasing decisions online based on a company’s digital presence and advertising, proving the importance of digital marketing in influencing customers and generating sales leads. 

Before you take up any digital marketing solutions (like our Digital Marketing Quickstart Kit) or campaigns, here are three essential steps to take note of so you can increase the success of your marketing efforts. 

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1) Create customer personas

The first step for a successful digital marketing campaign is to truly understand your customers: their profiles and what attracts them to your product or service. You can craft a few different personas where each of them represents the customer segment that you are trying to reach. 

Research and brainstorm about your target customers. You can even conduct surveys or focus group discussions to understand your customers’ needs and behaviour. In the competitive market today, knowing your customers’ demographics alone is not enough. You have to find out about their pain points, needs, goals, lifestyle, as well as the online platforms that they are active on. 

Ask a lot of questions in the survey. Do they frequent a particular website or social media? What caught their eye when they first discovered your product? What were some of their concerns before they bought your product? These are the questions that you have to get answers to, and once you have the answers, you have to work on these areas in order to reach out to your target customers effectively. To help you get started, do check out some persona templates here and tweak them to meet your business needs. 

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2) Build an easy-to-use website

Building a good website is the second step for a successful campaign. A website that is easy to navigate, with clean user interface and clear user journey will make your digital marketing more efficient. A well-built website will also provide you with clean customer data for customer behaviour analysis and insights for your marketing campaigns. 

An easy way to go about building a good website if you are unable to do it yourself is to use a tech solution, and the tech solution Exabytes does just that. Exabytes can host, build, and design your website to grow your business online. 

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3) Create content to engage your audience

After you have established your website, you will need to create engaging content for your audience before putting advertising dollars into driving traffic. Unique and relevant content will naturally attract your customers organically, and will allow you to continuously engage your customers throughout their purchase journey. Having a good content creation team is crucial for successful marketing campaigns, but many SMEs do not have the human resources necessary to create content consistently. 

This is where technology comes in. There are a myriad of tech solutions that can help your business create effective content easily. For instance, OFFEO is an online video maker with hundreds of social media templates, while Designs.ai uses AI technology to make designs accessible to small businesses. 

After completing these three steps on your list, you are finally ready to embark on digital marketing campaigns for your business! Start engaging with your customers online today, and always remember to make their online experience a seamless one.