Mother’s Day 2024 – Enabling womenpreneurs to catalyse business growth

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In honour of Mother’s Day this year, UOB FinLab celebrates the strength and resilience of all forms of maternal figures in our lives.

From working mothers to aunts, coaches, and close mentors, maternal figures have positively impacted many of us with their guidance and nurturing. We are delighted to celebrate these figures and commemorate their unwavering spirits amidst the triumphs and tribulations they overcame in their lives.

Achieving a balance

Motherhood is a constant juggling act. Adding work into the mix, moms feel the pressure to be a strong and nurturing presence both personally and professionally. Achieving this balance can be difficult because when they have to prioritise certain tasks, mothers often face the guilt of losing time with their children for work. Such was the case with Reena, founder of Artisan Nook and a participant in our Digitalisation Innovation Programme: Womenpreneur this year.

Reena Yin, Ceo, Artisan Nook, Digitalisation Innovation Programme Womenpreneur

“I spent more time with my first-born because I could work from home during the pandemic. However, when my second child was born after the pandemic, I began feeling a gap in our relationship whenever I went out to work. So, I wanted to bridge that gap,” said Reena as she discussed her motivations to leave her former job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

There is a misconception that working mothers can only flourish in one area of their lives (professional or personal) rather than both. Such a mental load can be intimidating when maintaining a healthy work-life balance. However, we have met and been inspired by many amazing professionals, such as Reena, who gracefully balance motherhood and their careers in unique ways.

Treating a business like a baby

Reena humorously referred to herself as a figurative mother of her business, as there are many parallels between being a mother and an apt business leader.

Mothers can be ingenious when they devise inventive solutions for at-home issues, whether mending a damaged toy or persuading a picky eater to finish their meal. These same skills are necessary for thinking creatively and solving complex problems professionally. For instance, learning how to harness technology for efficiency and innovation was an important component of our womenpreneur programme.

It was fascinating to hear from the programme’s first day panel and other speakers about how our participants have and can digitally transform their businesses through creativity. Furthermore, we also explored how a mother’s time and financial management practices at home can translate into operational management at work through our programme’s financial literacy sessions.

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“As a mother, I learned (active prioritisation) anytime I wanted to spend quality time with my children. As an entrepreneur, I used the same prioritising skills by delegating jobs to experts in specialised areas that I may not be strong at,” Reena says.

Finally, motherhood trains an innate nurturing aspect that drives empathy and effective communication. With these skills, one can build strong bonds with coworkers, clients, and consumers while having clear and productive interactions. These strengthened work relationships can then foster enhanced collaboration for future professional success.

Mother's Day: A Celebration of Strength and Love

On the theme of appreciating mothers everywhere, Renna shared admiration for her own mother.

“My mother lived during a time where she had to stop working once she had kids. I admired my mother’s sacrifice. These days are different as we see more working moms in the market. However, when I began my own motherhood experience, I started to feel a loss of identity,” Reena explains.

“As time went by, I was increasingly addressed as “[my child’s name] mom” rather than my actual name. This experience influenced my vision for Artisan Nook; for it to be a safe space where women can maintain their individual identities on top of being a mother.”

As the founder of her own business, Reena chose to pay her learnings forward and support businesses run by mothers who also cater to mothers. For instance, Artisan Nook supports a business that provides excellent nanny services for new mothers during their confinement periods.

“As women, we are more capable than we know,” Reena says.

She advises aspiring mumpreneurs to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Reena also credited her amazing support system of family and friends for keeping her grounded throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Such a supportive ecosystem resonates with us at UOB FinLab as we always advocate for the power of networks as real changemakers in driving business success.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to honour the incredible women who have raised and guided us. They are the foundations of our lives, moulding us with steadfast love, patience, and support. Let us cherish them today and every day, show our gratitude and make new memories together. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all mothers and maternal figures across the globe.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Start Smart Programme

Designed for business owners to enhance their digital capabilities through practical learning, this programme takes businesses to the next level.

Online programme

Start Smart Programme

Designed for business owners to enhance their digital capabilities through practical learning, this programme takes businesses to the next level.

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