Smart Nation Webinar Series: Retail and E-Commerce – Innovating with Technology

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Webinar Overview

The #SmartNationTogether webinar held by UOB FinLab and Qashier provides insights into the current state of retail and e-commerce in Singapore and how technology such as a smart POS system can improve operational efficiency and sales.

Hosted by Shaun Tan, Programme Director at UOB FinLab and featuring speaker Christopher Choo, CEO & Co-Founder of Qashier, this webinar shares insights into how traditional brick-and-mortar stores can innovate to improve their operations with the advent of e-commerce. 

Key Insights

What are the far-reaching benefits of SMEs adopting smart POS systems like Qashier?

  • Adopting technology such as a smart POS system can help level the playing field between SMEs and larger companies adopting e-commerce.
  • The value of e-commerce in Singapore is quickly growing, and is expected to reach US$5.92 Billion in 2023, up from US$4.9 Billion in 2019.
  • Omni-channel retail, where customers order online and pick up their items from the store, is an emerging trend in e-commerce.
  • Smart POS systems can streamline operations and integrate online and offline sales channels.

What is an example of an SME benefitting from smart POS systems?

  • Riders Arena, a bicycle shop in Singapore, has adopted the Qashier smart POS system and the owners and mechanics alike have enjoyed the E-invoice feature the most

  • Qashier allows the company to collect deposits before the work is done, protecting the company and improving cashflow

  • The Qashier system has made the business a lot more efficient and has allowed it to better serve its customers

Webinar Recording