The FinLab’s Lab Crawl 2022

As part of the Singapore Fintech Festival, The FinLab’s annual Lab Crawl is happening on the 31st of October, which is held in conjunction with The Greentech Accelerator’s Showcase Day.

Event Image - The Finlab’S Lab Crawl 2022

About the Event

The Showcase Day is a culmination of the 3-months accelerator programme to celebrate the journey and achievements of the 12 regional greentechs in the areas of Energy EfficiencyCarbon Management and Reporting and Zero-Waste Supply Chain.

The Greentech Accelerator Showcase Day - Our Focus Areas

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency 2 - The Finlab'S Lab Crawl 2022
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Zero-Waste Supply Chain

Zero Waste Supply Chain - The Finlab'S Lab Crawl 2022
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Carbon Management and Reporting

Carbon Management And Reporting - The Finlab'S Lab Crawl 2022
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During the Showcase Day, you will be able to explore the innovations of the greentechs and engage with ecosystem and industry partners.

  • Booth Showcase by Greentechs 
  • Welcome and Opening Address
  • Sharing on UOB’s Sustainability Strategy and Tools for Your Business
  • The Greentech Accelerator Programme Showcase
  • Awards Presentation
  • Networking

The FinLab's Lab Crawl is part of the Singapore Fintech Festival

Lab Crawl 2022 Sff - The Finlab'S Lab Crawl 2022

The FinLab is UOB’s innovation accelerator that brings the ecosystem together to catalyse business growth and transformation. With a regional presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, The FinLab provides access to a range of business and technology experts, tools and content through The FinLab Online and in-person programmes. These programmes range from supporting the FinTech and start-up community in developing solutions, to assisting the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) community in going digital and innovating for sustainability. Founded in 2015, The Finlab has supported and connected with more than 14,000 businesses globally.