Vietnam is a market with vast growth potential. The Vietnamese government has also approved the National Digital Transformation Programme by 2025 to help accelerate digital transformation.

Working closely with various partners from the government, universities, industry and innovation ecosystem experts, UOB FinLab’s programmes are designed for businesses to develop strategies and leverage on technologies to grow the business, locally and regionally.

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About the Programme

13 JUNE 2023 - 14 JUNE 2023

Xin Chào SMEs is a 2-day programme designed to help businesses leverage the power of e-commerce and digital marketing to grow your sales.

Participants will be equipped with knowledge on the effectiveness of adopting relevant technologies and developing strong e-commerce and digital marketing strategies to grow your sales and expand your business regionally.

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How will the programme benefit you?

Learn how to grow your sales through e-commerce and marketing & be matched to
suitable tech solutions to grow your sales.

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Programme Topics

Event Topics - Vietnam

Day 1 - Programme Launch & E-Commerce

Welcome Address & Opening Address

The first day of the programme began with a welcome address delivered by Victor Ngo, Chief Executive Officer, UOB Vietnam. This was followed by an opening address by Fred Lim, Country Head of Business Banking, Channels & Digitalization & Retail Transformation, UOB Vietnam which marked the launch of UOB FinLab in Vietnam. 

Victor Ngo - Vietnam
Victor Ngo shares about the need for Vietnamese SMEs to embrace digital technologies and stay competitive in the digital era
Fred Lim - Vietnam
Fred Lim shares insights into how UOB FinLab will provide support to Vietnamese SMEs with digital tools, knowledge and resources

Keynote: Accelerating Vietnam SMEs Growth Through
E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Vecom Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Chairman of the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), then delivered a keynote speech where he shared insights into the vital role that SMEs play in the Vietnamese economy and VECOM’s commitment to empower Vietnamese SMEs to embrace digital transformation.

Nguyen Minh Duc, Deputy General Secretary at VECOM, also shared on how digital tools and innovation are instrumental in bridging the digital divide and enabling SMEs to compete effectively in the digital marketplace

Vecom Nguyen Minh Duc - Vietnam

FinLab E-Commerce Programme Sharing

Nguyen Thu Thao - Vietnam

Nguyen Thu Thao, First Vice President, Head of Strategic Alliance and OFEI at UOB Vietnam, then shared about the upcoming programme agenda and what participants stood to gain from the sharings by industry experts and tech solution providers.

She also gave insights into how UOB FinLab’s expansion into Vietnam is part of UOB’s commitment to accelerating SME growth across ASEAN.

E-Commerce Tech Showcase

Various e-commerce tech solutions shared about the growth opportunities that e-commerce provides to Vietnamese SMEs and how adopting digital tools can help them grow their sales domestially and across the region. 

Haravan Le Hong Duc - Vietnam
Le Hong Duc, Advertising Solutions Consulting Manager at Haravan shared about Haravan’s sales management solutions
Ecom Easy Nguyen Tran Bich Ngoc - Vietnam
Nguyen Tran Bich Ngoc, Chief Executive Officer at Ecom Easy, shared about Ecom Easy’s advertising and shipping solutions
Amazon Ads Dang Hai Nam - Vietnam
Dang Hai Nam, Marketing Program Manager at Amazon Ads, shared about Amazon’s advertising and branding solutions
Shoptido Le Si Dung - Vietnam
Le Si Dung, Citi Captain Ho Chi Minh at Shoptido Director (Shopee Captain), shared about how Shopee’s sales and marketing opportunities
Tiktok Shop Kloe Le - Vietnam
Kloe Le, Sales Manager at TikTok Shop, shared about TikTok’s sales and advertising solutions

Sharing Session: Growing Your Business Financially (UOB BizMerchant)

Lại Thị Thu Trang, Marketing Acquisition Partnership Manager, Business Banking, Digital Banking at UOB Vietnam, then conducted a sharing session on how UOB Vietnam is providing lending support to support online businesses through UOB BizMerchant. 

At the forefront of applying FinTech, UOB BizMerchant aims to motivate and financially support e-commerce sellers to thrive in a digital age full of uncertainties.

Uobv Lai Thi Thu Trang - Vietnam

Digital Deep Dive: E-Commerce Market Analysis: Leveraging Current Trends and Technologies to Build Effective Strategies

Hcmut Panel - Vietnam
(From left to right) Tran Minh Quang, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at HCMUT, Pham Quoc Trung, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Management at HCMUT, Lại Thị Thu Trang, Marketing Acquisition Partnership Manager, Business Banking, Digital Banking at UOB Vietnam, and Quan Thanh Tho, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at HCMUT

A digital deep dive panel discussion was then conducted where Tran Minh Quang, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at HCMUT, Pham Quoc Trung, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Management at HCMUT, and Quan Thanh Tho, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at HCMUT shared insights into trends in e-commerce consumer behaviour and how SMEs could leverage these trends to grow their sales.

An Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) was also facilitated by Lại Thị Thu Trang, Marketing Acquisition Partnership Manager, Business Banking, Digital Banking at UOB Vietnam, where participants could have their questions on the e-commerce landscape and digital trends answered.

Panel Discussion: Innovation for Growth to Stand Out in Vietnam and Beyond

The day concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Hà Thanh An, Director of International Relations at Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC) which gathered insights from Luis Tran Lim, Chief Executive Officer at Julyhouse, Nguyen Quoc Tranh, BB Way Champion, Business Banking at UOB Vietnam, and Đặng Thị Luận, Vice Director at Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB). 

The panel shared insights into how SMEs in Vietnam could innovate in their business processes and value propositions to grow their sales and stand out amongst domestic and regional competitors.

Bsso Panel - Vietnam
(From left to right) Hà Thanh An, Director of International Relations at Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC), Luis Tran Lim, Chief Executive Officer at Julyhouse, Nguyen Quoc Tranh, BB Way Champion, Business Banking at UOB Vietnam, and Đặng Thị Luận, Vice Director at Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB)

Day 2 - Digital Marketing

Value Proposition Canvas Workshop

Techjdi Kevin Vuong - Vietnam

The second day of the programme began with a Value Proposition Canvas Workshop led by Kevin Vuong, Incubator Manager at TechJDI.

Kevin shared how SMEs can use the value proposition canvas to evaluate how their products and services meet their customers’ values and needs and how they could bridge the gaps they found in their current business processes. 

Marketing Tech Solutions

Various digital marketing tech solutions then shared about the importance of digital marketing in the digital economy and how Vietnamese SMEs stood to grow their sales and presence by adopting digital marketing tools

Tiktok For Business Kha Le Trinh
Kha Lệ Trinh, APEC Strategic Partnerships Manager in Vietnam at TikTok for Business, shared about TikTok’s marketing solutions catered to SMEs and startups
Ematic Hai Do - Vietnam
Hai Do, Country Manager at Ematic Solutions, shared about Ematic Solutions’ marketing and technology consulting solutions
Zalo Ads Duy Nguyen - Vietnam
Duy Nguyen, Partnership Manager at Zalo Ads, shared about Zalo’s advertising opportunities and solutions 
Omega Media Andy Dang - Vietnam
Andy Dang, Head of Branch, HCMC at Omega Media, shared about Omega Media’s performance-led marketing solutions 

Sharing Session: Financial Support: Managing Your Financials and
Intro to UOB Bizsmart Solution

Phạm Như Quỳnh, Head of Bizsmart, Business Banking at UOB Vietnam, then conducted a sharing session on UOB Bizsmart’s suite of digital solutions designed to help businesses automate their daily processes to maximise efficiency.

UOB Bizsmart provides solutions for accounting, e-invoice, digital transactions, HR and payroll, business management and consulting and POS and payment gateway. 

Uob Pham Nhu Quynh - Vietnam

Digital Deep Dive: Unlocking the Power of Digital Marketing: Strategies for Vietnamese SMEs to Thrive in Today's Business Environment

Ftu Le Giang Nam - Vietnam

Lê Giang Nam (PhD), Manager, Department of Communications and Community Relations and Lecturer in Marketing, Faculty of International Business and Trade at Foreign Trade University (FTU) HCMC Campus, conducted a digital deep dive session where he shared insights into digital marketing strategies and frameworks that SMEs could adopt to leverage the increasingly digitalised economy.

Closing Address: Programme Wrap-Up

Nguyen Thu Thao, First Vice President, Head of Strategic Alliance and OFEI at UOB Vietnam concluded the programme with a closing address. 

She shared insights into what she learnt across the programme and the importance of participants adopting what they learnt from industry experts, tech solution providers, and each other during networking sessions in their own businesses.

Closing Thu Thao - Vietnam

Organised By:

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Knowledge Partners:

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Tech Solution Partners:

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Match with Our Tech Solution Partners

Connect with our Tech Solution Partners and gain deeper insights into increasing your sales through e-commerce and digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xin Chào SMEs: Grow Your Sales Through E-Commerce and Digital Marketing aims to catalyse greater growth and transformation of SMEs to go digital via e-commerce and digital marketing. To do so, the program aims to educate SMEs on the importance of digitalisation and how they can adopt e-commerce and digital marketing technologies in their business.

The programme is from 13 – 14 June (Tue & Wed), 9am to 4.30pm.

Participants are encouraged to attend both days to maximise your learning and takeaways.

The programme is open to all SMEs. It will be conducted in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnamese language.

The programme will focus on the intermediate to advance level of e-commerce and digital marketing.

It will benefit companies who are:

  • Presently on at least one social media platform or website and are looking to grow your scales and customer base
  • Interested in understanding more advance e-commerce and digital marketing tools and strategies for your business
  • Interested in leveraging on e-commerce and digital marketing tech solutions and/or partners to enhance your business

Preferably C-suite level management, key decision makers, business owners, marketing and business development representatives.

What are the benefits to participants?


  • To catalyse greater growth and transformation of SMEs to go digital via e-commerce and digital marketing
  • To educate SMEs on the importance and how they can digitalise their business through introducing relevant technologies for adoption
  • To tap on a potentially new segment of banking customers who are just starting or have started their business


  • SME digital adoptions
  • NTB/NTPs

What is the programme about?

Workshop For Business Owners - Vietnam

Workshop for
Business Owners

Matching Business And Tech 1 - Vietnam

Matching Business & Tech Solutions

Implementing Tech In Business - Vietnam

Implementing Tech in Businesses

Previous Participants

Alien Logistics - Vietnam
Asahi - Vietnam
Big Onion Caterer - Vietnam
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Programme 1

This programme is curated to support entrepreneurs, specifically women, on their entrepreneurial and digitalisation journey within a like-minded community.

Kick-start your digitalisation journey through applying tech solutions, learning from industry experts, participating in practical learning seminars, and scale with UOB connectivity across ASEAN.

Suitable for women who are business owners and are interested to grow their business by leveraging tech solutions and/or looking for partners.

Jom Transform Womenpreneurs - Vietnam

Programme 2

JomX aims to help businesses go digital quickly with fast and easy deployable solutions at highly discounted rates. The 7 Tech Solution Providers will assist in your digital marketing, content creation, accounting, management of invoices, automation of processes and more. This initiative is a partnership between UOB Malaysia and The FinLab.

Jomx Banner - Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jom Transform Programme seeks to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia to better compete in the digital economy by matching them with relevant tech solution providers.

Through this programme, SMEs will go through a series of live online workshops and webinars to further understand their business model, identify key digitalisation areas and be matched with Tech Solution Providers with guidance from The FinLab Team.

TSPs, on the other hand, will be matched with other SMEs with digitalization challenges that their solution might be able to solve.

The programme will run for 5 weeks, depending on the solutions selected.

Each week, you will only need to commit a maximum of 2 half-days.

In week 1 of the Jom Transform programme, participants will learn to understand their business on a deeper level and prioritise their digitalisation needs through a Business Model Canvas workshop.

In weeks 2, 3 and 4, participants will experience 2 things. First, they will learn from trainers and experts on topics such as Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Business Operations. Secondly, they will be able to hear selected Tech Solution Providers share about their product or solution. Participants will then be able to pick a suitable solution to implement in their company.

In weeks 5 and beyond, participants will work to implement selected solutions in their company, and can get access to mentors.

The Jom Transform Programme is open to all SMEs incorporated in Malaysia who are:

Open – Keen to learn and use new tools and frameworks, and implement digital solutions to transform their businesses

Willing – Huge interest to transform their businesses to better capture the opportunities in the digital economy

Able – Able to set aside time and resources to enable digital transformation, during and beyond the three-month programme

We strongly encourage the decision maker, business owners, C-level management, and key stakeholders from the organisation to join the programme.

SMEs selected into the programme, will need to commit a maximum of 2 half-days each week throughout the duration of the programme to attend the live webinars, trainings, meet the mentor sessions, and tech selection events organised by The FinLab.

Tan Jia Yee

Jia Yee honed her skills and capabilities through a diverse career in marketing communications – she started her career at Ogilvy as a strategist, then left to build-from-scratch an award-winning creative agency for six years, before moving to an in-house role at a precision health company where she was part of the leadership team. Jia Yee’s currently the Director of Creative and Social at Tate Anzur, an integrated strategic communications agency.

She’s blessed to be doing what she loves, particularly in bridging understanding, connecting communities, and in achieving measurable business outcomes. Some of the clients she has worked with include AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, GIC, the National Arts Council, and the Singapore Tourism Board.

Jia Yee is very active in the arts and community – she continues to write for stage, and currently sits on the Board of Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, and the Prayoon for Art Foundation (Thailand). She is also an Advisor (Arts) for the National Youth Council’s Young ChangeMakers, and a Citizen Ambassador with the Singapore International Foundation.

Damian Kim (Meta)

Damian Kim is the Managing Director at Meta, Singapore, where he is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to build communities and support businesses on platforms.

Prior to his current role, Damian was the Head of Gaming for the Greater China Region responsible for industry development of mobile gaming companies focused on the global market and established it as one of the largest businesses worldwide.

As a co-Chapter Advisor for Pride@ SG, Damian has always been impressed with the long-standing efforts of Pride@ across the company and, in particular, the direct experience he’s had within APAC and also as part of the Global Gaming team.

Before joining Meta, Damian held several positions at Microsoft – both in the APAC regional headquarters in Singapore and the global headquarters in the United States. He was responsible for multiple partnerships – including Hewlett-Packard and Samsung – and also led the launch and growth of the Surface product category for APAC.

Damian received his B.B.A from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. While originally from the US, he has been based in Singapore for over a decade where he currently resides with his wife and two children.

Sharon Ong

Sharon is currently Vice-President of Design and Communications at Inmagine. As a member of the senior leadership team, Sharon leads the Creative and Communication Department across the Group.

She has held senior positions in companies such as J. Walter Thompson, Publicis, Havas Worldwide, Chiel Worldwide, Bray Leino Splash before joining Inmagine. She is strategic and results-driven with over 15 years of working experience building brands across various industries.

With a First Class Honours degree in Visual Communication Design from Middlesex University, Sharon has led multiple teams through her career with her strong leadership skills and is well-known in her industry as a change catalyst, and a hybrid creative with a “can-do” attitude.

OKJ (Ong Kar Jing)

OKJ (Ong Kah Jing, 王傢靖) is redefining the value of short documentaries as well as how they can impact society.

He pushes the boundaries as deemed necessary to do justice to stories by trying new storytelling methods and platforms.

His earnest approach to documentary storytelling led to commissions with Singaporean government agencies such as Sport Singapore and National Environmental Agency as well as international organisations such as Young Sustainable Impact Global based in Norway.

His independent documentary works were recognised at the National Youth Film awards, where he is a 4-time nominee and 2-time winner, along with engagements with brands such as SanDisk Professional and Canon Singapore as well as being involved in a nation-wide campaign with National University of Singapore.

His work had also been shared by mainstream media as well as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Clarence Chan

Clarence is the founder of Bandwagon Labs, whose goal is to help brands create their shopfronts in the interoperable web3 metaverse. He and his team are the 1st in Singapore to be a verified partner of Decentraland (#1 ranked web3 metaverse based on market cap), and the 1st globally to hold wedding in Sandbox Game as featured in CoinTelegraph, CNA, front page of ST life, and the team behind Capitaland’s metaverse activation, Capitaverse.

He is currently building BWLAND, a metaverse tech stack for enterprises. Clarence is in the founding team of, a web3 music collective which funds music collaborations via DeFi. Clarence has been an invited speaker by National Marketing Office, IMDA, and was in Prestige’s 40 under 40 in 2022. He is an alumni of the 1st Solana Hacker House SG, holder of Solana Monkey Business #1297 and early Bitcoin ordinals holder of PixelPepes #1147.

Candice Zin Ni Chua

Candice’s first two years with UOB started with service roles at the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Main branches of the bank. She subsequently moved on to the Self-Serving Banking department and the FinTech and Innovation department (Strategy and Projects), before moving on to her current role as the youngest west region branch manager in UOB (Clementi Branch). To date, Candice has donned UOB colours for 12 years.

During her tenure, Candice was also UOB’s Committee Lead for 3 consecutive years for the Singapore FinTech Festival. Her background in theatre arts and filmmaking, coupled with her friendliness, relatability and passion for people and innovation, were fundamental in her managing the Hangout@UOB learning lab, a space where students can co-create and engage with the UOB staff, a space where both parties can learn and understand each other better.

Luke B

Luke B’s passion for photography started at a young age. Upon completing his Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering course at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, he chose to be an apprentice with prominent local photographers for many years before embarking on his career as a professional photographer. His works has been collected in Kiyosato Museum in Photographics Arts in Japan. He was an active committee member in Professional Photographers Association of Singapore, leading the outreach and education team.

In his role as adjunct lecturer with Singapore Polytechnic 10 years ago, Luke found his calling in teaching and mentoring. He now holds a full time lecturer position in the Media, Arts & Design School (SP), sharing his passion for photography, video content creation and mentoring the young people in creative entrepreneurship.

With close to 7 years of teaching in the field of design, entrepreneurship, photography and video production. He has inspired and groomed many youth winning the Crowbar Awards and other accolades with some successfully created their startup in the creative industry.

Janet Young

Ms Young leads the Channels and Digitalisation teams to build customer engagement and connectivity across online and physical channels in key Asia markets to support all customer segments across the Group.  Working with business and technology partners internally, and Fintechs and ecosystem partners externally, Ms Young champions innovation to create digital solutions and collaborative business models that benefit the bank and the bank’s customers.

She also leads the Brand management, Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility teams across the group to achieve UOB’s brand vision, supported by impactful communication with all stakeholder groups and strong community relationships.

Ms Young is a Board Member of the Singapore National Council of Social Service (NCSS), National Environmental Agency (NEA), InnoVen Capital (a venture debt JV between UOB and Temasek Holdings), The FinLab and Accuron Technologies. She also serves Advisory Councils of Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore and Elevandi.

Ms Young has more than 25 years of banking and corporate experience. Prior to joining UOB, she held senior roles at global banks and European MNC.

Felix Tan

With almost 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, Felix is The FinLab’s “Mentor-in-Residence” after having helmed it from November 2015 to July 2020 as its Managing Director.

He is also an Independent Director on 2 listed companies – Y Ventures Group in Singapore, and Eggriculture Foods Ltd in Hong Kong.

Kevin Lim

Working at National Gallery Singapore for the past decade, Kevin Lim has evolved through diverse roles in Visitor Experience, to Corporate Planning, to Innovation at the Gallery.

The Innovation & Technology group is aimed at developing new ways for visitors to experience the Gallery:

  1. Y-Lab looks at proof of problem, and scans the horizon for startups to collaborate with
  2. Co:Lab X looks at proof of market, through viable in-house innovations
  3. DevOps look at proof of scale, by growing technology solutions resiliently and sustainably

Kevin Lim graduated with a doctorate in Communication theory from the State University at Buffalo, New York and his work has revolved around the reflexive architecture of society and online social networks.

Kuo Jian Hong

Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (Practice), award-winning theatre director, lighting and set designer, and independent film-maker, Kuo has always taken on multi-faceted creative roles within the arts. Her extensive career spans over three decades, making her one of the key contributors to the development of the Singapore arts scene.

Mr Goh Beng Kwan

Goh Beng Kwan, who turns 86 this year, is a pioneer Singapore modern artist known for his distinctive approach to abstraction and collage. He studied under Singaporean pioneer artists Chen Wen Hsi and Cheong Soo Pieng before moving to the US, where he studied at the Arts Students League of New York City. During his time in NYC, Goh was awarded multiple art scholarships, as well as mentorship from acclaimed painter Sidney Gross and Leo Manso. For over half a century, Goh has been an influential artist in Singapore – contributing significantly to the development of local contemporary art. He was awarded first prize at the inaugural UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 1982 and received the Cultural Medallion for Visual Arts in 1989. His work has been featured in over 120 exhibitions across Asia, Europe and the United States, and is in private collections locally and throughout Asia.

Hazeleen Goh

Hazeleen Goh is the youngest daughter of Singaporean artist Mr. Goh Beng Kwan. ArtAF (also known as Art Affairs) is a homage to her father’s legacy and a dedication to her family. Hazeleen’s childhood was often spent gazing at her father at work as he created paintings and collages out of what she thought was a mess of smelly paints and hanging out at art galleries with him and his artist friends. Her gratitude and love for her parents, and deep respect for her father’s work today is a result of those childhood memories. Hazeleen’s personal mission is keeping Singapore’s history of art alive by honouring the work created by her father and his peers and connecting them with younger generation of collectors and emerging artists.

Ning Chong

Ms Ning Chong has more than fifteen years of experience working in the professional art world. She received a BSc in Economics and Economic History from the London School of Economics, and a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art from Christie’s Education in London.

In 2017, Ms Chong co-founded The Culture Story with her father Mr Chong, with a vision to create a boutique art consultancy that delivers exciting programmes centred around art. She is also a patron of the National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Art Museum.


Accacia (Process Botics) is a carbon reporting system to track Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions at asset, portfolio and entity levels AI-enabled carbon management platform for Real Estate sector including Scope 3 & embodied carbon measurement.


Upcyde transforms or upcycles agricultural waste by designing usable products by being able to control and manage the supply chain, both upstream to downstream, and processing the vast volume of agricultural waste.

T-RECs.Ai offers a full suite of services to manage Renewable energy certificates for enterprises through providing comprehensive and cost-effective green solutions for companies’ Sustainability Journey.


TAVA supplies bioplastic products, cups/lids/straws made from cornstarch. TAVA’s products fill a gap in the market for sustainable packaging that is environmentally sustainable, cost-effective for businesses and does not require any change to users’ habits.


Resync owns Intelligent Energy Efficiency for Smart Buildings and Offices solution using in-house developed ML models that enable plug & play integration, real-time control, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Red Dot Analytics

Red Dot Analytics is an Industrial AI serving different industries such as the Data Centres, Buildings, Power Grids, Plants, and Logistics through helping data centre operators reduce energy cost by up to 40% without having to change its hardware.


Pantas provides a customised end-to-end solution to help companies calculate, manage and disclose their carbon emissions as well as access climate-themed investments and financing. The proprietary AI-enabled software assists companies in collecting and analysing data, setting relevant science-based targets and disclosing GHG emissions based on international standards.

KrossLinker Aerogel

KrossLinker Aerogels is a deep-tech advanced material company that designs and develops advanced energy-efficient material, ‘aerogel’ for thermal insulation applications. Their aerogels are used for thermal applications / cold-chains. is a climate-Tech company with the sole objective to accelerate climate action by leveraging the power of technology – carbon calculator, trees and carbon monitoring, carbon exchange. While other platforms provide segmented solutions (i.e. carbon accounting software and a marketplace on its own), Jejakin provides a holistic solution for actionable insights.


HydroNeo is a smart farm management system that optimises aquaculture production by providing state of the art technology and tailor made solutions.

Co2 Connect

Co2 Connect is a Carbon Management and Reporting platform. Its unique value proposition is generating reports and offering insights on carbon footprint using existing data, without additional installation of devices.


Alterpacks uses organic waste to create biodegradable and compostable material to combat plastic packaging. Its unique value proposition is making eco-containers from food waste.