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Felix Tan
Teaches Innovation for Your Business

Recent Episode: Customer Segments

In this series, Felix brings you through the Business Model Canvas for you to review and re-examine the various aspects of your business so that you can identify which parts you can innovate and better identify tech solutions that suit your business.

Topics covered in class

BMC Segment 1: Customer Segments

Felix shares how you can truly understand your customer’s needs, desires and pain points to deliver better products or services

BMC Segment 2: Value Propostion

Felix shares ways to review how your business brings value to customers and how you can better serve them by integrating complementary products and innovating current offerings

BMC Segment 3: Channel

Felix shares key considerations when deciding how your products or services are being delivered and how you are reaching out to customers

BMC Segment 4: Customer Relationship

Felix explores the different types of relationship companies can establish with customers and urge businesses to think about the relationship each customer segment expects them to establish and maintain

BMC Segment 5: Revenue Streams

Felix explores the different types of revenue streams and their respective advantages and drawbacks

BMC Segment 6: Key Resources

Felix explores the various types of resources companies have and encourage businesses to review how they are being used to meet current business needs

BMC Segment 7: Key Activities

Felix examines the activities that businesses are engaged in and encourage businesses to re-evaluate the benefits and costs of these activities and consider the application of technology to improve efficiency

BMC Segment 8: Key Partners

Felix shares the potential benefits from partnerships with suppliers or other businesses and encourages businesses to think of ways to further enhance collaborations to bring value to your business

BMC Segment 9: Cost Structure

Felix identifies characteristics of different cost structures and prompts businesses to consider the use of technology to alleviate cost incurred for acquiring resources and engaging in various business activities














































Felix Tan
Teaches Innovation for Your Business

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Mentor-in-Residence, The Finlab


Short Bio of Felix Tan

Felix Tan has, from 1st August 2020, taken on the role as the Mentor-in-Residence at The Finlab to continue supporting selected SMEs and tech solution companies from around ASEAN as The Finlab looks to roll its business transformation initiatives across the region via The Finlab Online.

Prior to this, Felix Tan was The Finlab’s Managing Director from December 2015 and has led his team to successfully run 3 acceleration cycles and now has 13 portfolio companies across
6 countries selected from more than 1,000 applications across 50 countries. 11 of these have since raised funds (ranging from Seed to Series B) for their next stage of growth, and 6 have
been recognised at Singapore FinTech Festival in 2016 and 2017.

In mid-2017, Felix started working on the idea of extending the acceleration process to local SMEs so that their owners can be equipped with the tools and frameworks to manage innovation and business transformation internally. On 12 February 2018, The Finlab announced Singapore’s 1st acceleration programme for SMEs. Two months later on 12 April, the selected SMEs were revealed at a media event held at The Arts House.

This programme also caught regional attention and the 1st programme outside of Singapore was officially launched in Bangkok, Thailand, on 6th March 2019. The 15 selected SMEs were then revealed on 31st May 2019 and they completed the programme in August 2019. This same programme was also run with 16 SMEs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was wrapped up in December 2019.




Prior to The Finlab, Felix was the Business Development Director at Wong Fong Research & Innovation Centre. There, he was involved in many interesting projects; the most notable of which resulted in the Dendrobium (Singapore’s 1st fully electric hypercar) and the Motochimp (an urban mobility device). Both have garnered worldwide acclaim and reviews.

Felix’s involvement in the SME space deepened significantly while at Performance Leadership where he conducted leadership and management training for top-to-mid level management staff of many local SMEs in areas like strategy, negotiation, innovation, sales, customer service, and conflict management.

Having co-founded Singapore’s 1st internet company, SilkRoute Holdings, in 1995; and its subsidiary, ECNet, in 1996, Felix is no stranger to the technology startup scene. Both companies attracted venture funds totalling US$72.5 million, including US$25 million from Mr Richard Li of Pacific Century Cyberworks. He also helped to raise a US$20 million e-commerce fund under SilkRoute Capital to invest into B2B startups in 1999.

Felix was an active mentor at NTU Ventures where he helped startups refine their ideas and strategies to qualify for various government’s funding. He had also invested his own money into Singapore’s 1st fully articulated action figure kit (Stikfas) that became Singapore’s 1st company to successfully license production to Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy companies, in 2001.

Felix graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Kent State University (Ohio) and represented Singapore in the 1989 – 1993 South East Asian Games in the sport of Fencing,
capping his fencing career here with a team bronze medal. He was part of the School Advisory Committee at Teck Whye Secondary School from 2002 to 2018 where he served as its Chairman from 2004 to 2012.


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