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Sustainability Innovation Programme

Transforming Companies to Sustainable Businesses

The FinLab’s Sustainability Innovation Programme (SIP) is built for leaders looking to transform their companies into sustainable businesses. The SIP will help you gain deep insights across a variety of sustainability topics, assess your “green position”, and introduce tech solutions that can kickstart your journey to a greener future.

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23:59 (+8 GMT).


I want to: learn about building sustainable businesses.

Stay Tuned for Future Programmes


I want to: reach out to SMEs looking for sustainable tech solutions

Stay Tuned for Future Programmes

What is the programme about?


  • Learn

    Learn about

  • Evaluate

    Evaluate your
    Sustainability Quotient

  • Access

    Access Sustainability
    Solutions & Partners

  • Foster

    Foster Sustainable

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What will I go through if I join the programme?

You will learn about:

  • Energy

  • Clean

  • Electric

  • Food

Programme Structure

1st – 25th October 2021

Programme Materials

Week 1: 'Learn and Evaluate'

Fri, 1st October 2021

"Learn”: Understand "Sustainability 101" and key sustainability principles

"Evaluate”: Use our Sustainability Assessment Tool to understand your sustainability needs

  • Deepen your understanding about fundamental sustainability concepts in this session



  • Evaluate your sustainability position through a comprehensive sustainability assessment tool

Week 2 & 3: 'Tech-Match'

Thu, 7th October 2021

Solutions Showcase from SP Digital

  • Showcasing solutions from SP Digital’s Green Energy Tech (GET): GETInsights, GETEngaged, GETControl
  • Know about other SP Digital offerings in sustainability

Thu, 14th October 2021

Solutions Showcase from SGInnovate, and Seeds Capital (investment arm of ESG)

  • Showcasing solutions from 2 government-related partners
  • Solutions include Resync (from SGI) and Ampotech (from ESG)
  • Grants will be available for some of these solutions

Fri, 15th October 2021

Solutions showcase from UOB and our Sector Solutions Group (SSG)

  • Showcasing “green” products and initiatives from UOB
  • Sharing our uSolar initiative and also our newly-launched uEnergy programme

Week 4 & 5: 'Discover'

Wed, 20th October 2021

Sustainability for Everyone

  • Sharing more “green” solutions from UOB applicable to both consumers and businesses
  • Solutions include the “Go Green” Car Loan (Electric Vehicles) & “Go Green” Home Loan

Fri, 22nd October 2021

Food Sustainability

  • Learn more about food security and sustainability, including alternative food sources like cell-based protein
  • Understand important developments about climate change and its impact on food supply

Mon, 25th October 2021

Sustainability in the Built Environment

  • Overview of Singapore’s approach to the Built Environment sector
  • Sustainability-related challenges and opportunities in the Built Environment

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