Digital Spotlight Series

A series of thematic knowledge sharing workshops to help businesses transform and grow with the right digital tools and strategies. Through this workshop, businesses can gain insights on the trends, opportunities and challenges, learn how to leverage on technology to streamline operations, increase sales and customer base.

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Why should you join?

Gain exposure and match with relevant technology solutions

Learn from industry experts and mentors on how to kick start your business

Obtain hands on experience in technology implementing process

Programme Spotlights

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Digital Series #4 – Retail

18 August 2022

Wondering how you can start your digitalisation journey?

Join us on our Retail Digital Spotlight workshop and gain more insights of solutions you can potentially adopt, to take your business operations towards digitalisation. In this session, you can gain a better understanding of current trends, opportunities and challenges. Learn how you can utilise these solutions to innovate your business model to make it more efficient and effective!


DateTime and VenueTopic
Fri, 23 September 20221.30pm – 2.30pm (+8 GMT)
Virtual on Zoom
Sharing By UOB BizSmart
Tech Showcase & Industry Overview Featuring Skale & Talenox
Closing and Networking Session

Other sessions


  • Learning Session:
    Understanding different marketing solutions
  • Mini Tech Showcase:
    Digital marketing solution showcase
  • Hands-on Workshop:
    How to run your own digital marketing campaign


malcolm yam 1 - Digital Spotlight Series

Malcolm Yam

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

joan bea lopez - Digital Spotlight Series

Joan Bea Lopez

Head of Marketing

yue fung - Digital Spotlight Series

Yue Fung

Digital Consultant
Verz Design (Google Workspace)


  • Meet the SMEs:
    Hear from some of our SMEs on how they have transformed their F&B business digitally through various tech solutions.
  • Mini Tech Showcase:
    Connect with F&B solution providers and learn more about the latest technologies to enhance sales, marketing and operations for your business. 
  • Demonstration Session:
    Participate in a demonstration session to experience a F&B management solution that drives your business forward.


kenneth yeow - Digital Spotlight Series

Kenneth Yeow

Channel Advocate

ian cheong 1 - Digital Spotlight Series

Ian Cheong


arvinder singh - Digital Spotlight Series

Arvinder Singh

Senior Sales Executive


  • Tech Showcase + Industry Overview:
    Connect with digital HR and payroll solution providers and explore useful solutions for your business.
  • Networking Session:
    Meet fellow SMEs and get an opportunity to network with our partners and other businesses in the ecosystem.


amber wu - Digital Spotlight Series

Amber Wu

Relationship Manager
Workplace Banking

benedict tay - Digital Spotlight Series

Benedict Tay

Head of CED and Partnership
UOB BizSmart

winnie ng - Digital Spotlight Series

Winnie Ng

Team Lead

randy tan 1 - Digital Spotlight Series

Randy Tan

Business Development Executive

daniel tan 1 - Digital Spotlight Series

Daniel Tan

Business Development Manager


  • Tech Showcase + Industry Overview:
    Connect with digital marketing and HR solution providers and explore useful solutions for your business.
  • Networking Session:
    Meet fellow SMEs and get an opportunity to network with our partners and other businesses in the ecosystem.


gordon ng - Digital Spotlight Series

Gordon Ng


yuet whey siah - Digital Spotlight Series

Yuet Whey Siah

Founder and CEO


Missed out on a session? We got you covered.

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Accacia (Process Botics) is a carbon reporting system to track Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions at asset, portfolio and entity levels AI-enabled carbon management platform for Real Estate sector including Scope 3 & embodied carbon measurement.


Upcyde transforms or upcycles agricultural waste by designing usable products by being able to control and manage the supply chain, both upstream to downstream, and processing the vast volume of agricultural waste.


T-RECs.ai offers a full suite of services to manage Renewable energy certificates for enterprises through providing comprehensive and cost-effective green solutions for companies’ Sustainability Journey.


TAVA supplies bioplastic products, cups/lids/straws made from cornstarch. TAVA’s products fill a gap in the market for sustainable packaging that is environmentally sustainable, cost-effective for businesses and does not require any change to users’ habits.


Resync owns Intelligent Energy Efficiency for Smart Buildings and Offices solution using in-house developed ML models that enable plug & play integration, real-time control, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Red Dot Analytics

Red Dot Analytics is an Industrial AI serving different industries such as the Data Centres, Buildings, Power Grids, Plants, and Logistics through helping data centre operators reduce energy cost by up to 40% without having to change its hardware.


Pantas provides a customised end-to-end solution to help companies calculate, manage and disclose their carbon emissions as well as access climate-themed investments and financing. The proprietary AI-enabled software assists companies in collecting and analysing data, setting relevant science-based targets and disclosing GHG emissions based on international standards.

KrossLinker Aerogel

KrossLinker Aerogels is a deep-tech advanced material company that designs and develops advanced energy-efficient material, ‘aerogel’ for thermal insulation applications. Their aerogels are used for thermal applications / cold-chains.


Jejak.in is a climate-Tech company with the sole objective to accelerate climate action by leveraging the power of technology – carbon calculator, trees and carbon monitoring, carbon exchange. While other platforms provide segmented solutions (i.e. carbon accounting software and a marketplace on its own), Jejakin provides a holistic solution for actionable insights.


HydroNeo is a smart farm management system that optimises aquaculture production by providing state of the art technology and tailor made solutions.

Co2 Connect

Co2 Connect is a Carbon Management and Reporting platform. Its unique value proposition is generating reports and offering insights on carbon footprint using existing data, without additional installation of devices.


Alterpacks uses organic waste to create biodegradable and compostable material to combat plastic packaging. Its unique value proposition is making eco-containers from food waste.